50 Red Hair Styles & Cuts for Women (Photos)

Woman with red hair

While natural redheads are an incredibly small portion of the world’s genetic hair color, only 1% in the world’s population as a whole, they come with some of the most stereotypes, myths, and even other physiological implications more than any other natural hair color.

Redheads have been extensively studied over centuries, and most cultures internationally and historically have varied between utter admiration and discrimination.

Red hair is a result of double copies of a recessive genetic trait, which makes it show up rarely in favor of a more dominant genetic color, though it may be passed on through several generations of a family line without many people even knowing they carry the trait.

In fact, it is common for redheads to show up in a family where the individuals previously thought there were no gingers in their family lineage.

Welcome to our stunning photo gallery collection of women with red hair color.  This includes a huge variety of hairstyles, hair types, and lengths.


Sophie Turner's dark auburn locks looked totally sleek with this straight loose style with middle parting as she attends the “Barely Lethal” Los Angeles Screening on May 27, 2015.

Sophie Turner’s dark auburn locks looked totally sleek with this straight loose style with middle parting as she attends the “Barely Lethal” Los Angeles Screening on May 27, 2015.

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Actress Blake Lively looked like a beautiful mermaid with her sea green dress and red dyed wavy side-swept hairstyle at the Time 100 Gala for the 100 Most Influential People in the World last April 26, 2011 in New York City.

Actress Blake Lively looked like a beautiful mermaid with her sea-green dress and red-dyed wavy side-swept hairstyle at the Time 100 Gala for the 100 Most Influential People in the World last April 26, 2011, in New York City.

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The straight wispy fringe added to this short wavy hair totally looks cool. Perfect for slaying in a party!
Having a rare ginger hair is great until your new silver hair starts growing. However, you still have a choice whether you want to maintain the rustic vibe or embrace the silver look.
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A punk vibe results in a sassy look and an active and fun-loving personality for women over 50. An uneven tapered pixie cut is the best match for this style.
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A simple pixie cut in a youthful, crimson red hair.

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Long, bright red hair with blunt bangs. Without too much styling, this hair can still slay because of its lively tone.

Long and straight red hair with a sleek finish and face-framing, blunt bangs.

#Repost @meganlacore ・・・ Rich reds and fishtail braids. What's not to love?🌹❤🌹 __________ Quick tip for braiding: Add texture to the hair to help create the perfect braid. ___________ To prep this style I used @biolage RAW Texturizing Styling Spray on damp hair, then dried her hair with a boat bristle brush for shine and control. (You can see her hair straight a little way down my feed. Super shiny!) __________ Next I twist wrapped her hair on a large cone wand for beachy waves, leaving her ends out. This helps the braids hold their shape and keeps the strands from slipping while you are braiding. __________ To create the braids, I sectioned off her crown and temporal sections. First I fishtail braided the crown section back toward the center back of the head. I clipped the two strands of the braid to keep them separated, then braided the side sections back to meet in the center back of the head. I clipped each braid's sections to keep them secure but separated. __________ Next I removed the clips, keeping the strands separated, and overlapped the braids, combining the three left sections in one hand and the three right sections in the other hand. This crosses the braids over each other and brings them together. __________ I then began fishtail braiding again, creating one braid down the remaining hair. After securing with a clear elastic band, I wrapped a section of the ends around the band to conceal it. __________ I finished by misting the dry hair with Texturizing Styling Spray once again and fanning out the braids to expand them. I ran my fingers through the waves, then lightly sprayed everything with #Biolage Complete Control hairspray. __________ Are you enjoying these tips and tutorials? Would you like to see more? Let me know in the comments! __________ #MeganLaCore #healthystyling #biolageraw #liveraw #sanjose #sanjosehairstylist #sanjosehair #sanjosesalon #bayarea #bayareahairstylist #hairtutorial #hairtips #fishtailbraid #redhair #redhairdontcare #braids #braidstyles

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Long, dark and wavy hair highlighted with some rich tones of red and styled with a tight and nicely-done fishtail braids.

Thick, voluminous curls dyed with copper red tones and cut in a short, cropped style.

Long, red-orange hair arranged into this stylish hairstyle that exhibits unique and extraordinary fashion.

Tisdale upgraded her look during  the 2015 Guitar Hero Live Launch Party by going Mahogany. Her medium-length, reddish brown hair is arranged in a half-up style.

Tisdale upgraded her look during the 2015 Guitar Hero Live Launch Party by going Mahogany. Her medium-length, reddish brown hair is arranged in a half-up style.

Short, thin hair, doesn't have to be boring. Adding up colors in different palette makes your hair stand out from the crowd. This red color shade is a perfect choice for woman with playful and lively personality.

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A Spectrum of Red Shades

A redhead, a term that was originally coined as far back as 1510, may refer to a wide variety of colors, from bright copper shades to deep reddish burgundy hues. Other redheads may wear burnt orange shades, orange with distinct red tints, and even strawberry blonds are considered to be under the redhead category.

Hair that is tinted red is caused by unusually high levels of the chemical pheomelanin, which causes the red, and it must be combined with low levels of eumelanin, which gives hair a brown shade.

Natural redheads typically also have extremely light or pale skin, and light grey or blue eyes to compliment the shade, and they also are known for having a plethora of freckles on their skin. In addition, redheads experience unique physiological issues, such as extreme sensitivity to UV light alongside a statistically significant different sensitivity to pain, whether that be more or less extreme than average.

Shades of Red Hair for Women

18 Shades of Red Hair for Women

1. Ginger Red Hair

A spicy color, ginger red is a medium to light reddish-brown tone. It is one of the most natural reds across the range in appearance, so much so that redheads are often called gingers regardless of their actual shade of red. Ginger red looks most natural with fair skin and eyes that are green or brown.

2. Bright Copper Red Hair

Intense and vivid, bright copper hair is like a bright, shiny new penny. This color stands out in crowds, a hue that is made for getting noticed. It goes particularly well with eyes of green or hazel and skin that is fair, golden-toned or peach-colored.

3. Copper Highlights in Red Hair

When copper is added to shades of red that are darker, the copper highlights create a realistic dimension, causing the overall red color to look more energized and brighter. For a more natural, modern effect, balayage highlights are gorgeous. Golden or fair skin and eyes that are green, hazel, or brown work best with copper highlights.

4 Golden Copper Red Hair.

A hue that is spicy and warm, golden copper hair blends bright, light red with dark golden blonde. As with other copper tones, golden copper is vivid and attention-getting. This shade is best chosen for complexions that are neutral, peach, golden, or porcelain, with eyes of blue, hazel, green, or warm brown.

5. Red Copper Hair

Red copper hair is a bright, rich blend of orangish-brown and red. It makes a strong and vibrant statement. This shade is especially flattering on golden-toned, peach, or fair-to-medium skin with eyes of green, hazel, or blue.

6. Dark Auburn Hair

A combination of rich, warm brown and deep golden red, dark auburn hair is sophisticated and elegant in appearance. It is particularly lovely on people who have the skin of any neutral or warm skin tone, from golden or bisque to peaches and cream. Dark auburn hair works best with eyes of green, hazel, warm brown, or blue.

7. Cherry Brown Red Hair

For cherry brown hair, imagine a glass of cherry cola; it blends rich brown and rosy red in a delicious mix. Unlike other shades of red, this one works better with darker and cooler skin tones, from medium to deep in tone. This color also goes best with brown eyes, rather than the hazel or green of so many others.

8. Red Mahogany Hair

Like the rich wood that is its namesake, hair of red mahogany hue is a reddish-brown shade that is deep and cool. Cool-toned skin is again the preference for this shade, which is medium to deep, and this is another good choice for brown eyes.

9. Cherry Red Hair

A touch of unusual color, blue/brown, makes this rich, deep red pop. Darker skin tones make this hue particularly vibrant, and it brings out the warmth and richness of eyes that are any shade of brown.

10. Intense Red Hair

As its name states, intense red hair is precisely that: a true red shade that is intense and bright. Its dazzling appearance is quite striking with deep golden or olive skin hues and brown eyes.

11. Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair is a shade inspired by the jewelry metal of the same name. It is coppery pink and is among today’s trendiest hues. Depending on personal taste, it can be either subtle or quite intense. This hue works beautifully with all eye colors and with skin that is tan, porcelain, or olive.

12. Burgundy Red Hair

This memorably dramatic hue is a dark and violet shade of red. Burgundy hair resembles wine of the same name, rich and warm. It is most suitable with skin tones that are olive or dark and is particularly striking with icy blue eyes or eyes that are brown.

13. Red Velvet Hair

Reminiscent in a hue of the luscious appearance of red velvet cake, red velvet hair is a deep red that is cool and rich. This color is best chosen for skin tones that are olive or dark and cool. It makes eyes of emerald green, cool blue, and shades of brown truly pop.

14. Black Cherry Red Hair

Black cherry tresses are a more subtle take on red hair. It is a deep, rich blue-black shade that contains just a touch of quite dark red. This hue looks best with cooler brown eyes and skin tones that are darker.

15. Ruby Red Hair

Just like the gemstone from which it gets its name, the shade of ruby red locks is a deep, clear, rich red. It is a shade that is potent and dramatic when contrasted with porcelain, pale skin and eyes that are light green or light blue.

16. Aubergine Red Hair

A unique and exotic shade, aubergine red tresses are a deep eggplant in color that can make a quite dramatic statement. It is unflattering to warm, tawny, or golden skin tones, but rather should be worn by those with skin tones that are cooler and neutral or cool eye hues.

17. Red Black Hair

For those who want a deep and dark hue of red hair that is mostly black with a kiss of red, red-black hair is the perfect shade. A popular take on red-black hair is to add garnet red or dark ruby red panels or highlights to a shade that is overall black. This is best attempted with dark or olive skin and eyes that are green or brown.

18. Magenta Hair

A shade that is a deep red mixed with purple, magenta hair makes a definitive statement. It is favored by artistic sorts and those who are fashion-forward, often worn to accent other hues in streaks, panels, or highlights. It is also worn as an overall hue. Those who have medium to dark skin tones and dark eyes tend to wear this striking shade the best.

Convert to Ginger, Dye Your Hair

Women who are fierce, vibrant, and outgoing are often associated with the same women who sport red women’s hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who wants to sport a brilliant mane of fiery red can’t choose to join the ranks.

Keep in mind, however, that for ashy to brown shades of hair, red shades cannot be applied directly to the hair. Instead, the colorist will apply a treatment to lift the natural dark shades away from your hair before applying the red tones, a process that can add an extra hour to your coloring time, but with startling end results that are sure to leave you leave feeling happy and beautiful.

If you are a natural redhead, you might find your hair has trouble receiving dye, but as long as you find a colorist who knows who to work with red women’s hairstyles, you will get the bright and vibrant color you are sure to be looking for.

Throughout history and today, many cultures and brilliant artists are famous for depicting red hair in their work, and this combined with red hair’s tendency to darken as humans get older has combined to create a stereotype of red hair as a youthful asset. In short, red hair can you give your look a young and exciting boost as you seek your ultimate personal style.

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