31 Sandy Hairstyles for Women in 2019

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Woman with sandy blonde hair on the beach

The term “sandy” refers to more than Olivia Newton John’s character in Grease, or to Sandy Dee in X-men, but it is also used to refer to a specific shade of hair under the umbrella category of “blonde” hair.

In fact, sandy women’s hairstyles include shades that include golden-brownish colors, and sometimes may also be referred to as a very light brown color.

Sandy hair is different from its blond counterpart, strawberry blond, in that the chemical structure of the hair strand includes more eumelanin, the same chemical that adds brown shades to both brown and black shades of hair.

If you are considering the Fischer Saller scale of hair colors, one that has been used in physical anthropology and the closest thing we use to a scientific designation, sandy blonde hair ranges between the letters M and O, under the dark blond category.

This is our photo gallery featuring women with sandy hair color in 2019. This includes a huge variety of hairstyles, hair types and lengths.

Textured, medium-length cut in sandy and gray tones, incorporated with fringes.

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Th modelling industry usually needs less of the sweetness and more of the edginess. This look is simple: thin hair, textured with curls and incorporated with avant-garde make-up.

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Look divine with this timeless upstyle. Braided crown emphasizes more of your facial features, so be sure to try this one if your cheekbones are on fleek.

Sandy, medium-length hair textured with razor-cut layers and some toss. This hairstyle has a pretty feathered effect achieved with the use of a sharp razor blade.

Gray hair turned into a beautiful, sandy shade. This chic bob cut is effortlessly gorgeous, perfect for women in their 50s.

#dreamhair by yours truly 💋👅💦 check out her before picture in my previous photo 👌🏼

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Treat your bob cut with an amazing texture! Messy hair is fun and carefree, perfect for blondes!
Vintage-inspired bob cut. A classic and elegant hairstyle.

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Icy white bob cut with longer front layers. Simple light blonde hairdo with a touch of spice.

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Simple straight undercut in Light Platinum Blonde. Truly sleek and sassy!

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Short haircut in light silver. An elegant looking hairdo for busy women who have no time for everyday styling.

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Layered Bob Cut in light platinum blonde. Ironically, this white-colored hairdo will make you look younger.
Super short haircut in silver. A sophisticated hairdo perfect for those with an emphasized jawline.

Sandy Hair, Don’t Care

Many people may cling to the old stereotype that sandy or brown shades of hair is unsightly to wear, or worse, dull and boring as a compliment to your total personal style. And yet, celebrities and brilliant street wear women alike are showing that sandy hair can add a sense of mystery and beauty to any look, with the right shade and the right styling behind the look.

If you have naturally darker brown hair, changing to a lighter sandy shade can brighten up your image, giving your whole appearance a softer look that can make you come off as dreamy and mysterious. The shade can be found on women on every continent who are hoping to incorporate some new colors into their wardrobe.

Upgrade Your Sandy Women’s Hairstyle

If your hair is a single shade with your sandy women’s hairstyle, and you are hoping for an exciting and uplifting change, you don’t have to immediately change your entire head of hair with a bucket of dye. Instead, consider adding highlights of bright blond or low lights of chestnut, or even layering in ombre shading effects, to give your hair a new outlook on life.

The best part of sandy hair is that you can complement it with added shades of almost every possible color, and come up looking fabulous and put together. If you are just starting out, try adding in caramel highlights before moving completely to golden blond, so you can know how light you need to go for a better look without going too drastic.

Of course, when you add dark, or for the especially bold and daring, black lowlights underneath your mane, this can also make this shade of hair stand out as though you are walking a red carpet. Either way, you can keep your sandy hair tones while maintaining a soft and appealing look.

Clearly, light brown and sandy shades of hair does not mean have dull or boring locks. Whether you wear it naturally, or upgrade the hair color with any shade, you can wear this color out and boldly to compliment your total personal style.

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