75 Fabulous Short Hairstyles & Cuts for Women (Photos)

75 short hairstyles and haircuts for women, including many short celebrity hairstyles. All colors and hair types. Ultimate collection.

Women with short haircuts - celebrities

Welcome to our main short hairstyles and cuts for women page.

Below you can access our many galleries by cut, style, length, face shape or color.

Long bob with waves

Lauren Cohan with a stylish short side swept bob hairstyle

Here’s Lauren Cohan with a short slightly wavy side-swept bob hairstyle draping to her shoulders. She’s wearing a black deep-V cut dress.

Side-part curly bob

Lauren Cohan with her iconic wavy side-swept bob

Here’s another photo of Lauran Cohan with her signature wavy side-swept bob which looks fabulous with her high-neck black dress (a neckline that I really like).

Short and tousled

Lena Headey with tousled side-swept bob

Here’s Lena Headey with a tousled side-swept layered bob haircut styled in a tousled manner.

Long side-swept bangs

Rihanna with short hair 2008

Short side-swept bangs

Robin Wright 2014 short hair


Glenn Close 2014 with short blonde hair

Short bob with side-swept bangs

Helen Mirren short side-swept hair

Slick side-part

Jennifer Hudson short side-part hairstyle 2013

Short bangs, shorter sides

Katy Perry short blonde hairstyle

Classic pixie

Michelle Williams pixie haircut 2014

Longer pixie

Anne Hathaway with short pixie haircut in 2013

Below you can view specific types of short haircuts and styles.

A. Short by Style (Specific Galleries)

1. Bob Cuts

What is a bob cut?

This straightforward look includes the hair being cut into a straight horizontal line all around the head at about jaw level, and typically includes bangs, or a fringe, across the forehead. It wasn’t considered fashionable for women until the 20th century when the first world war caused women to work in manufacturing, but today it has remained one of the most popular styles for short-haired women.

Here’s an example:

Woman with short bob haircut

Woman with short bob haircut

2. Pixie Cuts

This iconic and impressively short hairstyle was first made popular by the famous Audrey Hepburn when she began to sport one back in 1953 during her film Roman Holiday. Today, it remains one of the most popular, yet dramatic, choices that a women can choose, and often it is paired with a new and vibrant color that is added to the look.

Example of pixie cut:

Woman with pixie haircut

Woman with pixie haircut

3. Short Cuts with Bangs

There are many types of bangs to choose from for short haircuts.  Here’s just one example:

Woman with short haircut and bangs.

Woman with short haircut and bangs.

4. Short with Layers

Woman with short, layered haircut

One doesn’t typically equate short with layers because there’s not a lot of hair to layer, but it is done and may be a cut worth considering.  In fact, many bobs have layers which can be a fabulous look (and is quite popular).

Because we have a massive databased of hairstyles, we make it easy to filter out this type of cut.  Check out this specific option:

5. Short, tousled styles

Woman with short, tousled hairsytyle

If you like the casual look, consider the tousled cut, which is done and styles for short hair as well.  Personally I’m not a huge fan of the tousled look, but for the right person who wants to give off a more casual look, a tousled styling can work well for them.

Our gallery features a good number examples for you to browse through and hopefully get some ideas.  Please keep in mind the tousled look is more of a styling instead of a cut.  In other words, you can style a bob cut in the tousled style.

6. Short with Highlights

Woman with short hair and highlights

Highlights are very popular, especially for women whose hair is going gray.  In fact, the highlight effect is so subtle these days, it looks natural.  I do like highlights in hair because the various shades add texture to a cut which more of then than not looks good.

We include a massive gallery featuring examples of highlights in short hair.  Check them out via the following link:

7. Asymmetrical Cuts

If you have a boxy or square face, you can soften the lines of any hair cut by adding asymmetry to your cut, which gives some interesting definition to your features.

No matter what cut you choose to make with your hair, going short is guaranteed to be a game changer, and this new and lightening look will give you a boost of self-confidence and excitement when planning on going out for the day.

Example of a short asymmetrical cut:

Woman with short asymmetrical haircut

Woman with short asymmetrical haircut

8. Buzz Cut

Woman with buzz cut hairstyle

Woman with buzz cut hairstyle

Check out our gallery of women with buzz cut haircuts here.

B. Short Styles by Hair Type

1. Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Adriana Lima with short thick straight haircut

Many women with thicker hair go for a shorter style.  In fact, short works regardless of hair type really.  To that end we have a dedicated photo gallery featuring short styles for thick hair.

2. Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Cameron Diaz with short fine hair

Some women with fine hair insist on shorter cuts because they find longer hair difficult or too timely to style each day.  While short often has prep time, really fine hair can be difficult for longer hair.

To that end, we created an extensive short styles gallery featuring fine hair.

3. Curly

Mel B with short curly hair

Short is a common length for people with curly hair, but requires some skill to do well.  Be sure you attend to a skilled hairdresser so that the cut looks good.

4. Coily

Woman with short coily hair

Coily hair can be super cool and it’s often shorter.  Our short, coily gallery includes some examples that may be a bit longer than our other galleries because we want to give you ideas of potential styles to choose from.  I think many of them look terrific.

5. Wavy

Ashley Benson with short wavy hair

Wavy bobs and even wavy pixie cuts are common.  It’s not too  many people have poker straight hair; most have some wave to it which makes our gallery featuring wavy, short cuts very popular.  Check it out.

6. Straight

Jesse J with short straight hair

Our final hair type gallery features straight hair examples.  While naturally occurring poker straight hair isn’t super popular, the fact is many women straighten their hair for the sleek look it gives and therefore our gallery includes a ton of examples for you to check out.

C. Short cuts by face shape

Another consideration when choosing a cut is your face shape.  We have you covered.  We offer galleries for each face shape and you can drill down to view only short or very short styles for any specified face shape.

This is our photo gallery featuring all kinds and colors and styles of short hairstyles for women.  Includes short celebrity hairstyles.

Below is a list of face shapes including short hairstyles for round faces.  Click the links to view the specific galleries for short styles.

1. Short hairstyles for round faces

2. Oval face shapes

3. Heart face shapes

4. Square face shapes

5. Diamond face shapes

D. Short by Color

Lastly, we feature thousands of hairstyles organized by color so you can get a sense of what your options look like in various colors especially if you’re considering a color change.

Because there are many color options for hair, the following is a convenient drop-down menu that will take you directly to the gallery specifically featuring a specific gallery.

Just click or tap the following button which will produce a drop-down menu.

Click for all hair colors

E. Age

We make it easy to search for different ages.  Short haircuts for women over 50 and over 60 are very popular.  You can check out our gallery of hairstyles for women over 50 here and short haircuts for women over 60 here.

Short Styles and Maintenance

Short hair is often chosen as a brilliant way to create dramatic change in your personal style, but still more women choose to cut their hair short because it is far less maintenance to keep looking styled and beautiful on a daily basis. For this reason, short hair is incredibly popular for new moms and busy career women, so they can spend their mornings on other important parts of their life that is taking up more and more of their time.

Short Women’s Hairstyle Popular Options

There are quite a few short hairstyles that women can choose from if they want to go short, and the exact style should be carefully chosen to suit that person’s unique face shape and features for the best overall look once the haircut is complete. Women can choose between a bob cut, a shingle bob, cropped hair, a pixie cut, or any of the above variations cut into a dramatically asymmetrical style.

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