27 Short, Blue Hair Ideas for Women (Photos)

Woman with short blue hair

Blue hair can be fun and it can work terrifically with short hair. It’s spontaneous and different and if you like to shake it up, it’s a good length and color to try.

There are many shades of blue to go for, which may be the hardest decision. Get inspired and ideas from this collection.


Cute bob cut in a cool, aquamarine shade. This ons has short, blunt bangs for a more youthful finish.

Short, blue hair in a blunt bob cut enhanced with blunt bangs.

Jessie J in a short, vibrant blue hairstyle for a make-up endorsement. She looked a bit different with this style but she's gorgeous as ever! Blue goes well with her skin tone.

A straight pixie dyed with the enchanting tone of teal. This hairstyle exhibited nothing but magic and creativity.

An old-fashioned bowl cut incorporated with a modern, cool tone of blue. The combination of these two elements is indeed beautiful and edgy at the same time.

Messy and wavy bob looking so cute and perky with these unicorn tones of pastel blue and pink. This kind of hairstyle will surely stay on the current generation's trend list for it looks really fun and youthful.

Dyed hair has never been this sleek and elegant. This straight bob is painted with aquamarine and silver hues that are enhanced by a v-shaped cut on the top layer of the hair.

Short hair will never be boring if you just try and go for hairstyles that are beyond your limits. In this shaved style, two neon tones are used; specifically neon pink and neon blue. The combination is perfect for that punky finish.

Thick hair in a wavy bob cut. This hairstyle, since the black hair is paired with a sapphire blue tone, is oozing with beautiful contrasting effects.


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A wavy bob in a dusty aquamrine shade, tousled to perfection. This look creates a grunge and edgy look in a much deeper dimension.

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Wavy bob cut with streaks of different blue tones for a mermaid-like finish.

A stacked bob with metallic blue and purple highlights.
Double turquoise bun for short hair, a great coachella look for millennials.

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Achieve an icy feel for your hair color by combining platinum blonde and pastel blue tones.
Short choppy hairdo with subtle blue streaks for a funky and bold look.
Fun color in an elegant cut. Combine two styles in one hairdo!
Low-key mermaid hairstyle for those who wants to be bold in a subtle kind of way.
Add a little sweetness to your boyish cut but having pastel tones of teal and lavander.
Royal blue and black create a beautiful contrasting effect. This hairstyle might be simple, but it sure is fun.
If you wanna go brave and quirky at the same time, then why not try this blue bob with full bangs? A fun. exciting and anime-like look!

Midnight Blue Natural Hair Pixie!

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Unleash your edgy personality with this hairstyle. The lighter tones of blue in front give more dimension to the whole look.
Pixie cut in blueberry tones. This hairstyle is simple yet truly uplifting.

Blue black πŸ”›

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Layered bob cut looks extra fun and chic in dark blue color!
Experience the actual calmness of the sea with this blue beach waves. Great summer hairdo.
A combination of dark blue and violet tones for an edgy look. The transition gives this hairstyle a natural effect, as if you're born with a multicolored head.
Treat your hair with this unique and elegant hairstyle. Tousled bob looks really great in deep blue color.
Aqua blue goes very well with jet-black hair. In fact, several celebrities have tried this look including Kylie Jenner.

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Super curly hair in blue tones! This hairstyle creates a fun and positive aura.

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