Woman with short, dark curly hair

Welcome to our epic collection showcasing short and curly hair ideas for women. Actually we add more to the collection weekly so it’s up-to-date and current so bookmark this page for ongoing reference.

It’s not always an easy decision to cut curly hair short especially if you’re accustomed to longer hair. However, our collection of photos will give you many ideas and help you decide if it’s the right cut for you.

Photo Ideas

This curly bob cut is looking a bit more stylish and insteresting when paired with straightened, blunt bangs.

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Lauren Cohan in a red-lip classic look and a vintage hairstyle

Last October 2014, Lauren Cohan attended the premiere of "The Walking Dead" Season 5 in a red-lip classic look and a vintage hairstyle. This look has an elegant-looking finish with a touch of retro vibe.

Lauren Cohan's curly bob was indeed a beautiful sight at the Spike TV's 2014 Guys Choice Awards.

Lauren Cohan's curly bob was indeed a beautiful sight at the Spike TV's 2014 Guys Choice Awards.

No doubt, curls create a playful volume to any hairstyle. Perming your thin hair will help you achieve that thicker and fuller look, just be sure to use essential and natural hair oils because thin hair is more prone to damage.

Brown hair looking fresh and gorgeous with its matte finish. Shiny hair look healthy, but this style is certainly unique.

A low-profile dark ombre looking fresh and trendy at the same time. The accents are subtle but they surely are striking.

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Tossed curls with bright, accented strands. Colors to be used will depend on personal preference; subtle tones look great for those who want to stay low key but trendy while bright colors are for those who want to look fun and frenzy!

This blonde balayage in a curly bob is a great hairstyle to wear during summer. It is simply sassy and it's easy to maintain, you won't be needing some extra sweat!

Curly hair might sometimes look too playful. Some people set it with hair pomade or setting sprays to control its movement. This makes the hairstyle more classic and smart-looking, perfect for some formal events.

Thin, curly hair might sometimes look awkward and needs a but of styling. A layered style adds a little volume while making the hair look thicker. This hairstyle is also incorporated with some babylights for a dimensional finish.

Curly bob with dark roots, tossed to perfection. This hairstyle is sassy and it suits all ages!

Brunette with a simple bob cut styles with some defined swirls. The adorable curly bangs added a bit of uniqueness into the overall look.

Thin hair curled for a bit volume and then dyed with dark roots for a bit of dimension.

If a curly hairstyle is too soft for you, try tossing it up a bit until it appears frizzy and messy. In this way, a simple bob cut will look edgy and stylish at the same time.

Natural curls in a peachy pink tone. This shade is youthful and soft it gives a feminine touch to the overall look.

A simple bob cut transformed into a unique one! The hair is permed and highlighted to perfection, set with a hairspray for that shiny and creative finish.

Pintura highlighting is probably one of the best ways to style and color a curly hair. It gives the hair a nice finish while accommodating even the roots of every strand.

Ginger locks razored into a soft, textured pixie cut. This hairstyle, although short, looks really feminine for its subtle features.

Curly hair looks thicker in a shorter cut so this curly bob is a great hairstyle for those who want to achieve a fuller look with little maintenance. Match it with some bangs and you'll surely pop with style!

Short, curly hair dyed in a cool-toned platinum shade. This hairstyle looks unique and unexpected since natural hair is usually in a dark or black shade.

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