Woman getting highlights put into hair

Have short hair and want highlights? Or maybe you have highlights and want to cut it short?  Or maybe you have neither and are looking for a big hairstyle change and want to get a short cut with highlights?

We have many (dozens) of great examples of women with short hair and highlights.  Scroll through our growing gallery below.  We add new photos all the time.  We include all ages and hair types here.

Dark bob with subtle balayage highlights and blunt bangs. This youthful hairstyle is easy to maintain yet it offers a nice and stylish look for everyday.

Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

A typical bob cut with blunt bangs but with an extra twist. This hairstyle is highlighted on one side only, creating a unique and trendy look.

Fine hair needs texture and volume to prevent itself from looking dull. This cropped hair is tousled a little and is incorporated with some highlights for an extra dimension.

Imagine a job where you do what you are absolutely obsessed with for 8-14 hours a day. You get to laugh, be serious, educate, build confidence, create and be social! It’s a high school reunion with more flashbacks than Friday and a family get together, but you also meet a ton of new people and make lifelong friends in the process! That’s my job. That’s hair for me. Thank you. To all of you who support me LITERALLY with my passion, fulfilling my dreams and happiness and allowing me to be able to pay my bills + the Fairy Taxmother. Here is my cousin @chriscandy1993 looking more than fab at 40 👀 (can’t even believe that) groovin and movin! Thank you for your support and love from day 1. (Cut only, not my colour 😊) #ygk #thankyou #blessed #gratitude #bob #bobhaircut #ilovemyjob #ilovemyclients #fabat40 #cutebob #shorthair #shorthairideas #invertedbob #hairstyle #fashion #thickhair #coarsehair #straighthair #naturalcurl #precisioncutting #texture #kingstonhairstylist #supportlocal #salon296 #kasho #razorcut #bangs #haircut #womenscut

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Chunky highlights on a straight, inverted bob emhapsizes the smooth flow of the hair.

Black pixie looking extra styish with its subtle babylights.

Gray hair? No problem! This pixie cut looks fresh with some hints of pale lavender.

Fight for the boobies! 👊🏼💗 This is my good friend's mom. She is a survivor of breast cancer. Her Hair is growing back but is so hard and not nice at all because of all that chemo treatments. She asked me for something fun, something different and lively. And i gave her a hair celebration for being strong and beat that stupid cancer up. 🤗 I also sent her home with Timeless products by @livingproofinc to help regrow all that hair loss. #awarenessmonth #breastcancer #cancersurvivor _______________________ CUT-COLOR-STYLE BOOK APPOINTMENT WITH ME BY DIRECT MESSAGE/CALL @theloftwinnipeg _______________________ #theloftwinnipeg #winnipeghairsalon #winnipeghairstylist #behindthechair #modernsalon #winnipeg #hairstyling #haircolor #redkenobsessed #redken #hair #mettalichair #allabouthair #hotonbeauty #dreamhair #shorthair #pixiecut #cancersucks

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Black, scissor-cut hairstyle with with a purple, highlighted top. The color gives a lustrous finish to the look.

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A layered bob full of volume and style. The side-swept bangs and the strategically-placed balayage kept this hairstyle in full dimension.

A low-profile dark ombre looking fresh and trendy at the same time. The accents are subtle but they surely are striking.

A matte balayage with mauve and ash tones. This combination of earthy tones and purple hues is indeed a unique hairstyle for the ladies in their 20s.

Mushroom brown balayage in a smooth, matte and straight bob cut. This hairstyle will suit any age and any season.

Mushroom brown hair with chopped soft layers and some ash blonde balayage highlights. The subtle waves and layers give it more dimension and texture.

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Tossed curls with bright, accented strands. Colors to be used will depend on personal preference; subtle tones look great for those who want to stay low key but trendy while bright colors are for those who want to look fun and frenzy!

This blonde balayage in a curly bob is a great hairstyle to wear during summer. It is simply sassy and it's easy to maintain, you won't be needing some extra sweat!

Thin, curly hair might sometimes look awkward and needs a but of styling. A layered style adds a little volume while making the hair look thicker. This hairstyle is also incorporated with some babylights for a dimensional finish.

A simple bob cut transformed into a unique one! The hair is permed and highlighted to perfection, set with a hairspray for that shiny and creative finish.

Pintura highlighting is probably one of the best ways to style and color a curly hair. It gives the hair a nice finish while accommodating even the roots of every strand.

Highlighted, coily hair incorporated with three tight french braids at the side. This hairstyle might look common but observing each and every detail makes it more appealing.

When you get your good ol color touched up💛

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A balayage style is not limited to long hair only. It can also be a nice touch-up for short and coily hair like this one. The overall look is simple yet it is oozing with a unique depth and dimension.

A chic balayage bob of brown and dark blonde tones. The overall finish brings out a dramatically youthful aura.

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