25 Great Short Red Hairstyles for Women (2018)

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Having red hair puts you in an exclusive group of people of 2% the people in the world.  Yup, only approximately 140 million people worldwide are natural redheads.  Of course, not all of them have short red hair, some grow it out so those of you with a short red style are in a very small exclusive group.

Below we showcase a great collection of photo examples of this hairstyle.  Get some great ideas below.

The straight wispy fringe added to this short wavy hair totally looks cool. Perfect for slaying in a party!
Having a rare ginger hair is great until your new silver hair starts growing. However, you still have a choice whether you want to maintain the rustic vibe or embrace the silver look.
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#pixiecut com Color Vermelho Acobreado na lindíssima @sarahjmonteiro 😍. @rekint @trusshair @truss_belem

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A punk vibe results in a sassy look and an active and fun-loving personality for women over 50. An uneven tapered pixie cut is the best match for this style.
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#pixiecut com Color Vermelho Acobreado na lindíssima @sarahjmonteiro 😍. @rekint @trusshair @truss_belem

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A simple pixie cut in a youthful, crimson red hair.

Thick, voluminous curls dyed with copper red tones and cut in a short, cropped style.

A collision of orange and red tones in this wavy hair defines the true meaning of glamour and vibrancy.

Short bob permed to perfection and dyed with a rich burgundy tone for that gorgeous, bold finish.

Thick and curly bob made extra special with some burgundy highlights. The curls look voluminous enough so maintenance of this hairstyle will never be a problem.

Plum hued and pointed. A sharp bob and beautiful color for @karalee710

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An asymmetrical and angled bob cut with sharp edges. This hair is dyed with a plum shade that lies between dark violet and deep red tones.

Typical bob cut in an exquisite blend of red shades. Feathered layers are also incorporated to create a sophisticated flow to the overall look.

Loving the contrast underneath my sunset-inspired creation 🌅🌅🌅 // #HAIRXJOJO #HAIRBYJOANNECHUNG

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Sunset-colored bob with dark tones underneath.
Burgundy red pixie cut with sharp layers. This hairstyle is definitely for the brave and bold souls only.
Solve your thin hair dilemma by having feathered layers on a pixie cut. This hairstyle will make you look like a character on a vampire series.
This dark brown hair with red and orange tones creates a totally vibrant look. Perfect hairstyle for your summer getaway!
This hairstyle looks edgy, fierce and sweet, all at the same time.
Red side bangs in a pixie cut, nice way to style a simple black hair.Woman With Edgy Pixie And Short, Centered Bang Woman with edgy pixie and short, centered bang. A short pixie can be difficult to style. Make sure to play with bangs. In this case, a short bang is strategically styled at the center of the forehead to balance the forehead's size and give an illusion of a heart-shaped face which works perfect for pixies.Woman With Voluminous Bob And Blunt Bang Woman with voluminous bob and blunt bang. The best way to style a short bob for women with thick hair is to do it in layers. This creates a short bob full of volume. Add a blunt fringe to soften an angular face.Woman With Short Bob And Brow Skimming Bang Woman with short bob and brow skimming bang. Soft bangs covering the brows and short bobs can frame the face perfectly emphasizing its shape. To lessen the effect, you can add wispy bangs and make the hair look a little tousled just like in the photo.Woman With Short Bob And Uneven Bangs Woman with short bob and uneven bangs. There is beauty in imperfection which is perfectly shown in this photo. A proper short bob can be boring so why not add some eccentricity in the form or uneven bangs?

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