Woman with dark short straight hair

Short and straight hair is a very popular cut and style for women.  Short is the most popular length by far (see charts below the photos). However, straight is quite a bit less popular than curly (see charts below).

This extensive photo gallery showcases a wide variety of women with short curly hair. Enjoy. FYI, we add new hairstyles weekly, so be sure check back regularly.


Short, copper hair with overlapping but subtle layers and curtain bangs. This type of hairstyle will make you hair look thicker.

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Dirty blonde, short and thin hair in an eclectic-style finish. This one is also incorporated with subtle curtain bangs for face-framing purposes.

Sleek blonde bob with subtle curtain bangs. This hairstyle looks soft and feminine making it perfect for a low-key finish.

Cute bob cut in a cool, aquamarine shade. This ons has short, blunt bangs for a more youthful finish.

Sleek, black bob with a hint of dark blue tones and blunt bangs. This hairstyle will give you the Egyptian vibes as it somehow resembles Cleopatra's looks.

Bangs for days! French Bob by #pjsalonspa stylist, Dony⠀ ⠀

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Neat and straight bob cut enhanced with blunt bangs to perfectly frame round-shaped faces.

This silver-gray bob with an angled and wind-swept finish is incorporated with blunt bangs.

An everyday and casual look deserves less maintenance. This straight bob with blunt bangs is effortless yet it has this simple and stylish finish.

This gothic hairstyle is created by shaving the sides of a black bob with blunt bangs. Setting sprays are used to achieve this extra shiny finish.

Light peach hair with short, blunt bangs looking very edgy and playful at the same time. Bleached hair appears to be thinner and less voluminous than the normal but giving it a slight toss will fix the problem.

This straight bob cut with blunt bangs is one great work/office hairstyle for it achieves that corporate aura with a decent finish.

If you are aiming for a sweet and soft look yet oozing with creativity, then this hairstyle might be the answer. This pink bob with blunt bangs looks extra feminine yet playful.

Dark bob with subtle balayage highlights and blunt bangs. This youthful hairstyle is easy to maintain yet it offers a nice and stylish look for everyday.

A typical bob cut with blunt bangs but with an extra twist. This hairstyle is highlighted on one side only, creating a unique and trendy look.

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Short and straight auburn hair in a blunt bob cut. The color creates a deeper dimension to this simple cut.

Thick and straight hair cut into this angled bob cut with blunt bangs.

This straight bob cut with bangs is so effortless and low maintenance you can wear it everyday without even styling.

Short, blue hair in a blunt bob cut enhanced with blunt bangs.

A short and sharp bob cut incorporated with blunt bangs. This type of hairstyle looks better on dark hair since it is oozing with edginess.

This black hair in a solid bob cut with straight, blunt bangs somehow resembles an iconic french style.

Short vs. Long Hair Trends

Below is the trend chart for short vs. long hair.  As you can see, while the trend lines are similar, short is more popular than long.

Straight vs. Curly

Another good trend chart is the straight vs. curly charts. I was actually surprised by the results. I thought straight would be more popular, but curly is far more popular. Check it out.

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