55 Hairstyles for Women with Square Faces in 2019

Illustration of woman with square face shape.

A squarish face shape offers many hairstyle and cut options for women.

In fact, we feature hundreds of such ideas for inspiration so you can show your hairdresser some great options when you next visit the salon.

Check out the 2019 photo gallery below.

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What are good cuts for a square face shape for women?

Fortunately you have several options which gives you the opportunity to mix up your cuts over time.  Here are some good suggestions:

Long and layered:  long hair in layers creates a perception of a slightly longer face while the layers offer texture.  Great choice.

Tapered short:  Yes, short options are available.  Go short with a tapered cut to add the appearance of a vertical-oriented do.

Layered bob (Lob):  For medium-length choose the layered bob.

Side parts:  Whether long, medium-length or short, a side part works great for a square face.

Generalities:  go with layers and/or side parts.  Layers, especially when layered at ear-level create a tapering effect from the ears (i.e. jaw line) downward which minimizes the square effect.

Bad cuts are…

Any cut that accentuates the squarish jaw.  This includes long or medium-length hair without layers.

Really short cuts aren’t great unless very well tapered.  Probably best to have some length with layers.

Short and/or blunt bangs definitely emphasize a squareness so you want to avoid that.

Is short hair okay for squarish face type?

Yes, absolutely.  However, opt for a side part with a taper to it which slightly narrows the appearance of your face.

What are stylish bangs?

Side-parted bangs are a very good option for a square face type.  Whether a side-sweep or long part, this is a good option for you.

The worst bangs are…

Short bangs are a bad choice because they emphasize the squareness of your face.

Straight bangs aren’t the best either because they have the same effect.  Of course straight, short is the worst.

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