Check out hundreds of different examples of women with straight hairstyles.

Examples include all colors such as blonde as well as celebrity women.

Straight hair looks good with a variety of hairstyles, but some women tend to stay away from shorter styles because they are worried about flat hair.

Short straight women hairstyles can actually work if you add some volume and texture by opting for a style with different lengths.

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And there are of course several ways to create a chic look with medium or long straight hair.

Check out our 2018 photo gallery.

Short, copper hair with overlapping but subtle layers and curtain bangs. This type of hairstyle will make you hair look thicker.

Dirty blonde, short and thin hair in an eclectic-style finish. This one is also incorporated with subtle curtain bangs for face-framing purposes.

Medium-length cut with curtain bangs in platinum blonde hair. It's messy finish give this hairstyle a textured look.

Sleek blonde bob with subtle curtain bangs. This hairstyle looks soft and feminine making it perfect for a low-key finish.

Fun and playful, medium-length cut with a creative color range of blue to indigo.

Medium-length, angled bob cut with straight hair for blunt bangs.

Cute bob cut in a cool, aquamarine shade. This ons has short, blunt bangs for a more youthful finish.

Sleek, black bob with a hint of dark blue tones and blunt bangs. This hairstyle will give you the Egyptian vibes as it somehow resembles Cleopatra's looks.

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Long, bright red hair with blunt bangs. Without too much styling, this hair can still slay because of its lively tone.

This medium-length, straight hair with a perfectly chopped blunt bangs resembles Katy Perry's iconic look.

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Neat and straight bob cut enhanced with blunt bangs to perfectly frame round-shaped faces.

This silver-gray bob with an angled and wind-swept finish is incorporated with blunt bangs.

Embrace the Sleek Look

The easiest way to style straight hair is to adopt a sleek look. This is ideal for medium or long hair. The sleek look with the middle part is trendy right now, but you can opt for a part on the side if you feel that this is more flattering. The length allows you to try different things with colors, such as a balayage. The advantage of the sleek look is that styling your hair only takes a few minutes!

Add Some Texture with Choppy Locks

If you like texture and would like a shorter hairstyle, choppy locks are a fun way to style your straight hair. This look would be ideal for a shoulder-length cut. You can easily pair it with bangs or with highlights. You can easily achieve the perfect choppy locks style by creating some short and long layers. This style is very easy to adapt to your personal style since you can choose where the short and long layers will be. You can for instance create a more original version of the choppy locks look by creating asymmetrical layers.

Try the Short Bob

The bob is not a traditional straight women hairstyle. However, a short bob can look very glamorous with straight hair. The key is to add a good volumizing product and to play with different lengths. Your straight hair is going to naturally frame your face, and this is something you should take into consideration when choosing the length of the layers.

Focus on The Tips

If you like long hair, look for a way to make the tips more interesting. There are many different ways to create something that visually stand outs and you can mix and match different things. Some highlights, a balayage, some curls or waves or even a feathered effect could be good ways to complement your sleek hair. If you want something more discreet, use a blow dryer to add a slight bend to the tips.

Create A Bouncy Blowout

You can easily create a blowout at home with a blow dryer and a couple of styling products. This is a skill you should master so you can easily add volume to your hair. You can create a blowout and wear your hair done for a bouncy result, or style your hair in a more sophisticated updo after adding some volume. This would be a perfect style for a night out!

Ponytails, Braids and Buns

One of the advantages of straight hair is that you can easily create a ponytail or a bun without having to worry about your hair getting loose. Braids are another fun and chic way to style your hair, and the best part is that you will get some waves the next day!

Any Color

Obviously straight hair works for any color and you’ll find any color in straight styles – whether blonde, brunette, auburn, sandy or otherwise.

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