135 Stunning Straight Hairstyles for Women in 2019

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A young woman with long, and stunning straight hair.

Check out hundreds of different examples of women with straight hairstyles.

Examples include all colors such as blonde as well as celebrity women.

Straight hair looks good with a variety of hairstyles, but some women tend to stay away from shorter styles because they are worried about flat hair.

Short straight women hairstyles can actually work if you add some volume and texture by opting for a style with different lengths.

And there are of course several ways to create a chic look with medium or long straight hair.

Check out our 2019 photo gallery.

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A brown to blonde balayage is a great style for a straight hairstyle.
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Honey balayage on a straight hair is a great addition if you're looking to go simple yet outstanding.
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Want to keep your simple straight hair? At least add a flavor to it by throwing in a metallic shade, and in this moment, the metallic blue finished the stunning job.
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Metallic lilac is always a very stunning style even with straight hair type.
Glossy titanium looks totally cool. It's very metallic.
Level up your straight hairstyle with this metallic platinum blonde hair color.
This bold undercut styled with metallic color looks hot and fierce!
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This straight medium hair colored with metallic blonde looks very cool.

9 Types of Straight Haircuts for Women

1. Long Hair With Bangs

Long haircuts take a lot of work. Without the proper upkeep and maintenance, they can easily look tired, drab, and boring. But adding bangs to the mix can actually work wonders. Bangs are a youthful, playful haircut that can highlight your face and make you look years younger. No plastic surgery required! Bangs are best with hair that is long and straight. If your hair is frizzy, consider adding some styling cream to keep the bangs straight. Adding a few layers to long hair gives bangs an even more dramatic and edgier look.

2. Neck-Length Bob

A bob is an elegant, classic look that can be worn in many lengths and styles. The bob is one of the most popular types of hair cuts for straight hair for women because it has a timeless appeal, but it still manages to always give the person who wears it a fresh, modern, and confident look. If you’re searching for a hair solution to give your long, lifeless locks a bit of pizzazz, the bob is it. For an even more dramatic look, ask your stylist to add in a few highlights or put some polish in your hair to give it a bit of extra shine and bounce when you leave the hair salon.

3. Long Platinum Blonde

If you have long hair that’s naturally blonde, or even several shades of blond, going all-out blonde with platinum highlights might be just the thing your hair needs. Long blonde hair can be quite stunning, especially when it’s well-maintained and shiny. The nice thing about a platinum blonde shade is that it gives you a natural look in the summertime, but it also adds a bit of glow and color to your post-summer look in the fall. In fact, you can even carry platinum’s sun-kissed look through to the wintertime as well. Giving some dimension to your roots adds alluring contrast and appeal to your lovely platinum color. Platinum can look stunning on short hair, but it’s an especially attractive look with long locks.

4. Precision Blunt Cut

For many people, the youthful look of long hair is canceled out by the fact that their hair is scraggly and thin. If this sounds like you, worry not – help is here. The solution to your hair woes may lie in something called the Precision Blunt cut. This modern cut gives your hair a bit of layering to add volume without detracting from your hair’s natural beautiful length. By removing the dead and fine hairs at the bottom this cut leaves your hair looking younger, fresher, and more vivacious than ever before.

5. Asymmetrical Bowl Cut

You may have heard stories about bowl cut hairdos in the past, but the reality is that they can be a quite modern, sophisticated, and striking solution to long hair. If you have long hair, adding asymmetrical layers to your locks adds a bit of dimension, sophistication, and flair. Ultimately, this can provide you with the boost of confidence that you’ve been looking for. An asymmetrical bob can be accomplished by a skilled hair stylist. This cut looks best on hair that is straight to mildly wavy. To keep up your bob at home, remember to straighten your hair with an iron and apply a cream to keep frizz and curls at bay. When you use the hair straightener, use low heat to avoid damage.

6. Straight Lob

A straight lob is another hairstyle that can give long hair a nice, clean, modern look. The lob is similar to a bob except that it doesn’t have quite as many layers and dimension. This means that it can be a great choice if you’re used to long hair and not quite sure that you’re ready for a full bob. A lob simply gives you a bit of asymmetry to make your hair look livelier and more sophisticated. You can choose to add bangs to this hairstyle if you wish for a more unique look. The added advantage of a lob over a bob is that it leaves your hair long enough so that you can tie it back if you’re working out or if you’re outside on a hot summer day.

7. Geometric

Another great hairstyle for long hair is the geometric design. The geometric pattern gives your hair a sleek, shiny, and healthy look while also cleaning up its appearance just a tad. In this unique hairstyle, the hair on the forehead and along the sides is held back by a small elastic hairband that goes behind the hair in back of your neck. Ultimately, this helps to add volume to your hair without making it look frizzy and unruly. This hairstyle is a great choice if you’re looking for a subtle change to your long hair, as it adds a bit of dimension without detracting from your hair’s original shape and style.

8. Long and Sleek

Sometimes, if you have long hair, you just want to keep it that way. That decision is of course respectable. But if you choose to let your hair grow in the most natural way, you can still put in a little bit of effort to keep it looking its best. Between the wind, chemicals, sun, and other factors, your long hair can ultimately lose its shine and luster. Long hair can easily look thin and scraggly if this happens, but it only takes a little bit of attention to turn it around. Using products like a smoothing cream and leave-in conditioner can go a long way in making your hair look fuller, less frizzy, and healthier when you choose to wear it in its natural glory.

9. Hair Extensions

If you’re starting out with long hair, another option is hair extensions. Hair extensions vary widely in terms of color, price, and longevity. Some hair extensions are designed to last for little more than a few days, while others can last for several months. Hair extensions require a consultation first with your hair stylist to decide which type is best for you. The advantage of hair extensions is that they can instantly add dimension, color, and intrigue to your hair that you might not naturally have. Extensions are available in a variety of colors to match or change your look.

Embrace the Sleek Look

The easiest way to style straight hair is to adopt a sleek look. This is ideal for medium or long hair. The sleek look with the middle part is trendy right now, but you can opt for a part on the side if you feel that this is more flattering. The length allows you to try different things with colors, such as a balayage. The advantage of the sleek look is that styling your hair only takes a few minutes!

Add Some Texture with Choppy Locks

If you like texture and would like a shorter hairstyle, choppy locks are a fun way to style your straight hair. This look would be ideal for a shoulder-length cut. You can easily pair it with bangs or with highlights. You can easily achieve the perfect choppy locks style by creating some short and long layers. This style is very easy to adapt to your personal style since you can choose where the short and long layers will be. You can for instance create a more original version of the choppy locks look by creating asymmetrical layers.

Try the Short Bob

The bob is not a traditional straight women hairstyle. However, a short bob can look very glamorous with straight hair. The key is to add a good volumizing product and to play with different lengths. Your straight hair is going to naturally frame your face, and this is something you should take into consideration when choosing the length of the layers.

Focus on The Tips

If you like long hair, look for a way to make the tips more interesting. There are many different ways to create something that visually stand outs and you can mix and match different things. Some highlights, a balayage, some curls or waves or even a feathered effect could be good ways to complement your sleek hair. If you want something more discreet, use a blow dryer to add a slight bend to the tips.

Create A Bouncy Blowout

You can easily create a blowout at home with a blow dryer and a couple of styling products. This is a skill you should master so you can easily add volume to your hair. You can create a blowout and wear your hair done for a bouncy result, or style your hair in a more sophisticated updo after adding some volume. This would be a perfect style for a night out!

Ponytails, Braids and Buns

One of the advantages of straight hair is that you can easily create a ponytail or a bun without having to worry about your hair getting loose. Braids are another fun and chic way to style your hair, and the best part is that you will get some waves the next day!

Any Color

Obviously straight hair works for any color and you’ll find any color in straight styles – whether blonde, brunette, auburn, sandy or otherwise.

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