Ask anyone with thinning hair and they’d love to have thick hair as their hair type.  However, sometimes thick hair is difficult to manage, whether long or short, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fabulous hairstyles for thick hair.

Check these 2018 styles and cuts for thick hair.

Thick and wavy hair dyed with electric red highlights that are undeniably vivid. The contrast of colors is so powerful, it'll create a huge impact to your overall look.

Emancipate your inner fairy with this two-toned purple hairstyle. Two different shades of purple is used in this masterpiece: one is on the dark side while the other one is lighter. A little section of the hair is also braided for that extra feminine finish.

Our HairBestie @hieucow hair color using @guytang_mydentity ColorMAX Dual Boosters💗💙💜 we lifted with #Big9 to a clean canvas of level 10 with dedicated 40vol and 1/32oz of @Olaplex 1️⃣@guy_tang #mydentity Dark Shadow with 6vol on rootagé 2️⃣Guy Tang #mydentity Dual Booster Turquoise with 6vol 3️⃣Guy Tang #mydentity Dual Booster Aqua Blue with 6vol 4️⃣Guy Tang #mydentity Dual Booster Pink Glow with 6vol 5️⃣Guy Tang #mydentity Dual Booster Pink Glow+Aqua Blue with 6vol to create a nice bright indigo tone I love the flexibility of the @guytang_mydentity Dual booster because you can mix them into the demi permanent or blend them into Demi permanent colors while processing in one step or use them alone to achieve this look! 😍

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Thick and straight hair with side-swept bangs, painted with vibrant galaxy colors. Tones of violet and blue are combined to create this space-like effect that would definitely take your breath away.

Thick hair in a wavy bob cut. This hairstyle, since the black hair is paired with a sapphire blue tone, is oozing with beautiful contrasting effects.

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Long, thick hair in a copper ombre. The look is also incorporated with layers of different levels, making it extra voluminous.

Medium-length, wavy hair in different tones of red. These tones give a beautiful contrast to your overall hairstyle.


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Highlighted beach waves that can perfectly frame the face. Two contrasting tones are used to emphasize the features of the face.

The model sports her thick and curly hair into a beautifully textured bun incorporated with a black ribbon for extra style.

A perfectly messy but ultra fashionable upstyle achived with the use of reliable products – modelling pastes and finishing sprays.

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Th modelling industry usually needs less of the sweetness and more of the edginess. This look is simple: thin hair, textured with curls and incorporated with avant-garde make-up.

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Natural hair styled and cut into a geometric masterpiece. This hairstyle was shown during The V Files fashion show, and the audience absolutely applauded this one.

A brunette beauty with extra bouncy curls and a brushed-up style achieved by teasing the front-section of the hair and combing it back. The finish is voluminous and elegant.

Thick vs. Dense

You don’t want to confuse thick and dense hair.  Dense hair is a head of hair with a lot of strands.  Thick hair refers to the individual strands having a wide circumference.

How thick is thick hair?

I think providing an actual measurement isn’t helpful.  Can you seriously spot the difference with the naked eye between 100th of a millimeter and 200th of a millimeter?  More to the point, can you measure it?  Unless you have a microscope at home, you can’t.

However, sometimes we geek out and want to know this type of stuff and so we can tell you.  Below are general diameters of hair strands.

  • Blonde hair:  1/500 to 1/1,500 of an inch
  • Black/Dark hair: 1/140 to 1/450 of an inch
  • In-between shades fall somewhere in between.

Source: The Physics Factbook

What’s interesting about the actual thickness of hair is the range.  What that means is that the thickest hair is a whopping ten times thicker than the finest hair.

It really boils down to relativity.   Your hair is thick, think or medium relative to other people.  And so you just have to observe other people and you’ll be able to assess whether you have thick hair or not.

  • In general, blonde (flaxen) hair is more often fine; brunette and black thicker.
  • Curly hair is often thick, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have thick hair if it’s straight.
  • These are just a couple of generalities.

What are the benefits of thick hair?

As a person with fine hair where the grass is always greener on the other side, I’ll tell you:

  • Sustains less damage:  With thick hair you can abuse it a bit more with product, styling and hair appliances.  Of course I don’t advocate hurting your hair, but the fact of the matter is it’s tougher.
  • More body:  Thick hair offers a fuller look which can look better.  When you have fine hair, it’s very difficult to get it to have body.
  • More textures:  If you get a layered cut or like the loose look, for example, those layers will be more prominent.

As I said, grass is always greener.  But there’s not much we can do with the hair type we get.  The best you can do is accept it and get cuts/styles that look best for you.