Do you want to look effortless but also put together? With the right fun and flirty look, you can wear your newly tousled hair in any situation.

We see celebrities, stylists, public personas, and more embracing their natural hair texture rather than trying to tame it with a straightener. Wear your hair natural or texturize it with products to achieve the tousled hair you want for work, school, social functions, and every other event.

Here’s our gallery featuring women of all ages with tousled hairstyles in 2018.  You can see the tousled look for all hair colors and lengths as well. We include female celebs.

Dirty blonde, short and thin hair in an eclectic-style finish. This one is also incorporated with subtle curtain bangs for face-framing purposes.

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Medium-length cut with curtain bangs in platinum blonde hair. It's messy finish give this hairstyle a textured look.

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Tousled blonde hair with curtain bangs. This style might be quite messy but it is surely stylish and elegant.

Medium-length razor cut with curtain bangs. The waves give this hairstyle an extra texture and volume.

This silver-gray bob with an angled and wind-swept finish is incorporated with blunt bangs.

Short to mid-length, wavy bob tousled to perfection. This style is great for casual days, if you want to look effortlessly stylish.

A short and sharp bob cut incorporated with blunt bangs. This type of hairstyle looks better on dark hair since it is oozing with edginess.

Tousled cut with balayage highlights and blunt bangs. The sharp bangs complement the messy and slightly-layered cut.

Platinum blonde with an icy tone and a tousled finish. It also has blunt bangs for added effect.

Long and black hair arranged into a messy bun. The tousled look is incorporated with straight, blunt bangs to balance out the overall finish.

Medium-length, wavy blonde hair with side bangs tousled lightly to achieve a wind-swept effect.

A brunette with a messy milkmaid braid. Her subtle, "no makeup" makeup look and bushy eyebrows complement the grungy finish. This hairstyle simply explains how messy can turn into classy when done properly.

Teased and tousled blonde hair arranged into a milkmaid braid. This one is wearable even on casual days.

Lena Headey in a short hairstyle incorporated with a printed green bandana.

Last April 2016, Lena Headey looking fun and playful at the Milk + Bookies Story Time Celebration with her short hairstyle incorporated with a printed green bandana.

Lena Headey sporting side-swept, layered bangs and teased hairstyle

Lena Headey sporting side-swept, layered bangs and teased hairstyle at the Pride And Prejudice and Zombies Premiere last JAnuary 21, 2016.

Lena Headey in a semi-tousled upstyle and razor-cut, side-swept bangs

Lena Headey's semi-tousled upstyle and razor-cut, side-swept bangs at the Season 6 Premiere of Game of Thrones last April 10, 2016.

Two messy fishtail braids, a cap, minimal makeup and some casual clothes for that everyday stylish look.

Long and messy hair in a braided half-up. The fishtail braid looks perfect even on messy finish, no doubt about that.

Long and thick blonde hair arranged into two fishtail braids. This hairstyle looks good either on a messy or neat finish but in this one, the strands are loosened and tossed a bit to achieve a beautiful texture.

Lauren Cohan gave her "iconic" hairstyle a new twist! This short bob with a tousled and curly style on one side and a straight finish on the other was worn during the 2014 American Music Awards.

Lauren Cohan in a messy and short hairstyle that is carefree and trendy at the same time.

Lauren Cohan was oozing with jazz and sass during the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards, she attended with this messy and short hairstyle that is carefree and trendy at the same time.

 Barbara Palvin slayed the edgy look with this messy, brushed and slicked back hairstyle

Barbara Palvin slayed the edgy look with this messy, brushed and slicked back hairstyle she wore during the premiere of Behind the Candelabra at the 66th Festival de Cannes last May 21, 2013.

Barbara Palvin with loose Copper Waves.

Barbara Palvin looks wonderful with her warm-toned look. Her bright orange eye shadow complemented her loose, copper waves very well. This look of hers was worn last May 22, 2013 at the 66th Festival de Cannes.

Lauren Cohan in a messy updo.

Lauren Cohan slayed the 26th Annual Producers Guild Awards 2015 with her messy updo and nude makeup look.

How to Get Beach Waves or Bedhead

It isn’t always easy to achieve the unkempt look for your hair. In fact, it just might take a bit of styling. The number one rule to remember with this look is to look natural without overworking it too much.

Some recommendations for getting beach waves include:

  • Start by building volume by brushing the hair from underneath your roots and down the strands. To learn the right way to back brush, try out a few techniques on your hair. Brushing from underneath isn’t as aggressive as teasing the hair.
  • Divide your hair in half with a part down the middle and twist your hair into sections. Twist each section into small mini buns and hold them in place with a couple of bobby pins. Dry your hair with a blow dryer and take out the bobby pins for a beachy look.
  • For straight hair, you want to use a texturizing spray to add texture and volume. Another way to do this is to randomly use a large curling iron on your hair, in different directions, to build volume.
  • For curly hair, you may need to make your hair less unruly than it looks when unstyled. Try blow drying your hair downward, so it is drying from the roots to the ends of your hair. By actually pulling curls out of your hair, it gives a tousled look.
  • Get an extra lift with dry shampoo sprayed at your roots. This added dimension keeps your hair from getting oily throughout the day.

The Tousled Look: Great for Second Day Hair

If you don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning or your hair doesn’t do well with a daily wash, beach waves are the look you want! You can roll out of bed, add a bit of product, and go about your day.

The biggest benefit of tousled hair is how it does well on the second day of wear. Other benefits of this style are ease of maintenance, no need to get cut regularly, and looking good for every occasion.

The Style for Every Hair Length

When you love your current style, but want to change up your daily look, try giving yourself the unkempt look. It works for short, long, and medium hair lengths.

In addition, if you are in between styles and trying to grow out your length, tousled hair serves as a strong transitional look as you wait for new growth. Look no further than the bedhead look if you are ready to finally feel confident in the way your hair looks!

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