75 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Women in 2019

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Wedding hairstyles

Your wedding hairstyle is not something you want to skimp on.  After all, you’re going to have wedding photos for the rest of your life, likely on display, and it’s your hair that will stand out as much as your dress.  Wedding hairstyles are worth looking into well in advance of your wedding day.

It’s never too soon to plan your hairstyle for the big day. Start getting ideas that work with your hair type, face shape and color.  Discuss best options with a professional.  In the meantime, check out our stunning gallery of wedding hairstyles below (updated frequently).

Wedding Hair Photo Gallery

Here’s our bridal hairstyles pictures.

Long and thick blonde hair styled into this flawless milkmaid braid. The thick, wavy tendrils on the side frames the face perfectly. This hairstyle is great for wedding ceremonies or even for garden parties.


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Side-swept fishtail braid embellished with elegant pearls and incorporated with some curled tendrils for that fancy finish.

A neatly-done, multi-braid updo consisting of fishtail, three-strand and waterfall braids combined together. This masterpiece can be worn on formal events such as proms, weddings and ceremonies.

A little hair gilding goes a long way ✨/ @ulyana.aster

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A simple yet alluring three-strand braid decorated with some white embellishments to achieve that wedding aura.

One good thing about curly hair is that it already looks effortlessly stylish. This natural curly updo, incorporated with white, floral embellishments looks really great on weddings.

A simple low bun great for formal events like wedding ceremonies. This one has a minimalistic finish but it is surely oozing with elegance and beauty.

An updo styled with detailed loops wavy tendrils. The finish looks sleek and elegant it will probably turn heads and drop jaws.

Tousled curls styled into a side updo. This style is somehow ordinary but the way it looks elegant despite being messy is what made this an extravagant one.

A beautiful blonde in an updo with a bouffant. The upper section appears to be voluminous making it look fuller than normal.

A brunette in a romantic updo incorporated with some soft tendrils. The updo itself has details in it enhanced with some caramel highlights.

Some people like to keep it simple. But "simple" can still turn out into something fancy once done properly. This chignon is not that polished but it still evokes an elegant aura.

A extravagant upstyle for long and thick, curly hair. An elegant pin and some curly outliers are added for a fancier finish. This one needs a massive volume to achieve properly.

While the above photo gallery showcases plenty of examples (we add more every week), below we set out a list of the popular wedding hairstyles along with photo examples.

12 Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Here’s a list of the most popular options.

How did we put together the list?  In other words, how do we know what’s popular?  As a website publisher, we pay for extensive research tools to find out what people share the most on social media and what search words get searched the most.  It’s from these tools that we put together this list… it’s just pure data which is really interesting.

The following is in order of popularity; the first listed is the most widely searched.

1. Half-Up, Half-Down

Half up, half down wedding hairstyle.

This is a classic elegant wedding hairstyle for women.  It requires longer hair, but it showcases length while adding the elegance that updos offer.

2. Short Wedding Hairstyle

Short bob haircut wedding hairstyle.

One advantage of a longer engagement is you have time to grow your hair out.  However, it’s not always feasible, nor desirable to do so.  If you have short hair, there are plenty of styles you can go with.  Here’s an example of a bob cut.

3. Flowers

Wedding hairstyle with flowers.

The great thing about styling your hair with flowers is it can be done with any length.  It’s a perfect hair accessory for events and looks amazing.  Obviously putting flowers in your hair is totally impractical for everyday wear, it’s a nice touch for special events.  The above is an example of

4. Bridal Updo (Upstyle)

Updo wedding hairstyle

If you like going fully elegant, the upstyle is a great option.  It’s a classic look; one I love.  There are many styling options, but it’s definitely a style to consider.

Here’s a great bridal updo video tutorial:

5. Down Style

Down wedding hairstyle with blonde, wavy hair.

A simpler style is letting it all hang down.  Yes, it needs styling, but it’s not quite as delicate as a half-up half-down or full up style.  The photo example above is a gorgeous example of a down wedding hairstyle.

6. With a Veil

Wedding upstyle with veil - woman with red hair.

Go fully traditional with a veil incorporated into your hairstyle.  It’s a nice way to tie in the hair style with your wedding dress.

7. Bun

Wedding hairstyle with a bun (plus bun tutorial).

The wedding bun comes in many forms, but it’s a simple form of an upstyle.  By simple, I mean it’s a simple look; it’s not necessarily simple to do.  Above is an example of a plain, but elegant bun style along with a step-by-step tutorial.

8. To the Side (Sweep)

Wedding hairstyle to the side.

Most of the styles so far deal with the back.  This one addresses a style pertaining to the front and that is a side part or side sweep.  The popular search term is “wedding hairstyles to the side”, which could include a variety of side-styles.  The example above is more of side sweep, but you can do a more prominent side part (see below).

9. Side Part

Side-part wedding hairstyle photo example.

Here’s a more prominent “to the side” style.  The part is prominent and the hair is styled high and to the side.

10. Braids

Wedding hairstyle with braids.

Before doing our research and collecting data on the most popular wedding hairstyles, I thought braids would be close to the top, but it’s not.  That said, many people who search for half-up, half-down and updos imply some braiding in those styles.  Nevertheless, braided styles are not directly searched for all that much.

11. Wavy

Photo example of wavy wedding hairstyle.

The wavy style falls under the “down-style” but down-style doesn’t always mean it’s wavy.  Undoubtedly it’s a nice natural look that many women opt for.

12. Curls

Curly updo wedding hairstyle.

Curls can be incorporated in up-styles, half-up, half-down or down-styles.  The above is an example of amazing curls for an up-style.

That’s it.  Those are the most popular styles. It pretty much covers most of the options.  However, within many of the above-listed options there are many sub-styles.  For example, there are many different types of braids.

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